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Report: First look at Microsoft’s upcoming Spartan Browser for Windows 10

According to latest reports, Microsoft is preparing a new Browser called "Spartan" for Windows 10. The browser will bring a new and updated interface. The Spartan browser will look more like Chrome / Firefox...

Microsoft launches Skype for Web Beta. Now chat, call from your browser

Microsoft has today announced Skype for Web Beta. As the name suggests, now you can just log on to Skype.com from your browser and start chatting with anyone in your contact list. No, you...

More Windows Phone 8.1 leaks: Calendar redesign, Browser file upload, email icon.

With the leaked Windows Phone SDK going to more hands, more secrets are getting revealed. Windowsphonehacker has found some important new features which were not revealed earlier. Windows Phone 8.1 brings not only weekly view...

Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S browser performance comparison.

Lumia 1520 is the Lumia with most capable hardware till date, in terms of processor and GPU. iPhone 5S is the Apple's latest iPhone and boasts of benchmark blazing scores for its CPU and...

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