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Updates KB3035129 & KB3035034 rolling out. Exposes Branch selection for upcoming Builds

  Two new updates are rolling out to those running latest Windows 10 build, Build 9926. One of these, the update KB3035129 surprisingly exposes the selection of "Build branch" in "advanced settings" as can be...

Windows 10 build crosses 10000. Build 9926 is the latest from fbl_awesome

BuildFeed data, a site that complies Windows Build numbers from all sort of sources has listed several new Builds more advance than the last leaked Build 9901. The data reveals that the latest Windows...

Windows 10 fbl_awesome Builds up to 10.0.9914 revealed in BuildFeed data

We heard that the next builds of Windows 10 will come from fbl_awesome branch including the one that will be released on January 21, the day of the Microsoft event. Now, BuildFeed data, a site that...

Update KB3025380 prepares for Windows 10 Builds from FBL_Awesome

A new update KB3025380 is rolling out now for Windows 10 tech preview devices. This WU update prepares system for next Windows 10 Build from FBL_Awesome branch. It seems that now onwards, new Builds...

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