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Nerd World: Watch Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

Nowadays, even Smart-watches come with sufficiently powerful hardware. How much powerful you may ask? Then answer is enough to run Windows 95. You heard it right, folks at Tendigi have been succesful in installing Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Check the video below to watch the thing in action. Blog

Samsung ATIV Odyssey gets INTEROP UNLOCKED after ATIV S.

Something interesting for Powerusers here!! Windows Phone usually are considered less hackable and consequently less modifiable. But seems, fellas at XDA developers have taken to deep love with Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 devices!! Sometime back we heard about Samsung ATIV S getting rooted and now it is turn of Samsung ATIV

Jailbroken Lumia 920 demoed in a video.

While, we may hear the use of term "Jailbreak" a lot in case of iOS, Android is all the way more modifiable. But, Windows Phone OS with its security features have been a hard nut to crack for hackers. Though a report from China now suggests that Lumia 920 jailbreak