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HTC One for Windows is coming to AT&T. Expect a global release too

HTC One for Windows is hereĀ  and you can catch all our coverage by clicking here. Just before the announcement yesterday we reported how one new variant of the device has been spotted in...

HTC sends press invite for 19th August US event. HTC W8 incoming

It seems, HTC is all set to launch its flagship Windows Phone for Verizon now. While it has been rumored as coming by evleaks and Engadget, we could dig and find it passing WiFi...

HTC Windows Phone Flagship may arrive running WP8.1 GDR1. To be called “One for...

We have earlier heard it from evleaks that HTC will be bringing its HTC M8 (One) counterpart running Windows Phone to Verizon in Q3 and that it may called HTC W8. Now, Engadget reports...

HTC W8#WL to be Windows Phone Flagship for Verizon

evleaks has teased about a new HTC Windows Phone 8.1 device destined for Verizon today. The tweet claims that it will be a Flagship device. So, can we expect something on the lines of...

HTC: New Windows Phone devices in development. Will continue supporting the platform.

HTC, one of the early adopters of Windows Phone platform has confirmed recently in China that they will keep supporting the Windows Phone platform. At time of announcement of Microsoft-Nokia deal, HTC had reacted...


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