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New update rolling out to VLC player for Windows 8

A new update is rolling out to VLC player for Windows 8. The update fixes numerous crashes and makes the app faster. Changelog: In this update, we rewrote most of the application to be ported to...

Next Xbox One system update detailed. Blu-ray player supports, Silent reboot, automated updates.

Microsoft has detailed about next Xbox One system update. There is no news on when it will be available for everyone but you can have a look at the changes or improvements it brings, Blu-ray...

VLC team bringing HLSL shaders to VLC app for Windows 8 / 8.1.

VLC player for Windows 8 failed again to cross the store certification hurdle and VLC team is going to resubmit it soon. New version of VLC for WinRT will be submitted soon on the store!...

VLC player for Win 8/8.1 to be resubmitted next week, for WinRT & Windows...

  We now have some timelines about VLC player's arrival on Windows. So, according to the info shared by team VLC, the application may be submitted next week for approval at the Windows store. They...


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