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Nokia regained 5th smartphone vendor rank (India) in Q1 2014

Latest IDC report for Q1 2014 brings good news for Nokia / Microsoft from India. Nokia has regained 5th smartphone vendor rank in India with just 4% market share. The market share may not...

Q1 2014: Windows Phone grew by 61.3% QoQ and 361% YoY in Vietnam

A report from IDC reveals the smartphone market share details for Vietnam market. It is really good news for Windows Phone all the way!! While we have earlier reported Windows Phone enjoying as high...

Nokia mobile phone & smartphone sales see decline in Q1 2014.

Since Nokia's Devices and services division already belongs to Microsoft now, so here you go with the Q1 2014 results for the division. Things don't look rosy and both mobile phones and smartphones vloumes...

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