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Groove Music Pass and music purchase in the Windows Store to be discontinued

Groove Music

Microsoft is killing the most loved music streaming service, Groove Music in favor of Spotify. In an official announcement, Groove Music customers will no longer be able to purchase Groove Music Pass and/or purchase music through the Windows Store, which is an utter disappointment. However, the Groove Music app will continue

Spotify now available for download on Xbox One (free music on demand)


Spotify has announced the availability of Spotify music streaming app on Xbox One. The app is available for download in 34 markets* around the world and enables millions of Xbox One gamers to play the perfect and fresh soundtrack for every gaming session. Gamers have the freedom to play from either

Spotify app comes to Windows Store on Windows 10, as promised

During the May event, Microsoft claimed that Spotify will be bringing its music catalogue to Windows 10, soon. Today, Spotify for Windows 10 is now available to download in the Windows Store. The Spotify app is available today in all 60 countries where Spotify is available and offers the same