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Windows 10 Redstone build 11094 is under testing

Its being long time since Windows 10 updates released in public. Some months ago when Microsoft released Windows 10 aka Threshold, there were ongoing rumors about Windows Redstone which is expected to arrive next...

Windows 10 Build 11085 is the latest Redstone build under testing

Last we reported about some of the first Windows 10 Redstone Builds under testing. Now more Redstone builds have appeared on BuildFeed. Build 11085 and Build 11084 are the latest Redstone Wave 1 builds....

The first Dual-Sim Lumia, Lumia 630 under intense testing in India. Nearing unveil? Specs!

The first ever dual-sim Lumia, Lumia 630 is under intense testing in India. The two dual-sim variants of Lumia 630, RM-977 and RM-978 were found by us in Zauba records. Now, RM-978 has seen...

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