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Global ( US too ) HTC One for Windows variant passes certification at WiFi...

Look what has passed certification at WiFi Org lately! We reported about a Global and probably AT&T variant too, of HTC One for Windows sneaking into Adduplex database. The variant codenamed 0P6B180 has now...

Lumia 638, Lumia 635′s China Mobile variant revealed to have 1 GB RAM

This comes as bit of a surprise as it has never been mentioned or revealed before. But, if the listing at China Mobile’s Shanxi online shop has to be taken into account, the China...

Rumored Lumia 1520 variant with 5.2 inch display reveals itself.

Sometime back a tip claimed that Lumia 1520 variant with 5 inch screen and Aluminum body will be revealed by Nokia in December. This device will have 1080p resolution display and will run on Quad-core...


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