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UWP WhatsApp Beta app for Windows 11 & 10 available in Microsoft store now

Facebook (Meta) is planning to bring native WhatsApp experience to the Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. In fact, a Beta app for the WhatsApp UWP app is already available in the Microsoft store...

WhatsApp Desktop gets Dark Mode with the latest update

WhatsApp has finally brought Dark Mode to its Windows 10 Desktop app with a new update. The new version 2.2027.10.0 has just appeared in the store. If you are using WhatsApp Desktop app on your...
WhatsApp Desktop

{Updated: available to download} WhatsApp Desktop comes to Windows Store

Updated:WhatsApp Desktop app now available for download from Microsoft Store It looks like after iTunes, Spotify etc. announcement, WhatsApp also wants to join the league of Windows Store apps. WhatsApp has released their WhatsApp Desktop...

WhatsApp Beta app for Windows 10 PC appears in store

It seems WhatsApp is working to bring a new app for Windows 10 PC version. The Beta app for WhatsApp for desktop has appeared in the Windows store. Currently one can download the desktop app...

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