uwp community toolkit

Microsoft has released a major new update for UWP Community Toolkit.

The UWP Community Toolkit is your best friend in case you are developing for the Universal Windows Platform. It consists of a bunch of helper functions, custom controls, and app services that simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks when creating UWP apps for Windows 10.

v1.3.0 brings a host of new controls, helpers and some services among other fixes and updates as well.

UWP Community Toolkit v1.3.0 changelog:

Fixes and updates

  • Controls
    • Fixed tab navigation for HamburgerMenu and MasterDetailsView – Taylor Southwick
    • Applied accessibility min bar to SlidableListItem – Audrey Petit
    • Improved cache support for ImageEx – Hermit Dave
    • Add ItemTemplateSelector to HamburgerMenu – David Bottiau
    • Allowed for two-way binding in HamburgerMenu – Scott Lovegrove
    • Fixed binding to SelectedItem on HamburgerMenu – Scott Lovegrove
    • Changed MasterDetailsView to use storyboard animation – Huang, Zhaoquan
    • Added IsDetailsOpen property to MasterDetailsView – Taylor Southwick
    • Added support for DataTemplateSelectors to MasterDetailsView – Scott Lovegrove
    • Fixed issue with the MasterDetailsView not handling navigating back when unable to control via the BackRequested event – Shawn Kendrot
    • Fixed design mode issues with MasterDetailsView – Shawn Kendrot
    • Added support for full screen blades to BladeControl – David Bottiau
    • RadialGauge now accepts any MinAngle – MaxAngle range – Diederik Krols
    • Fixed layout issue with AdaptiveGridView – David Catuhe
    • Fixed horizontal alignment of the GridViewItems in AdaptiveGridView – Shawn Kendrot
    • Fixed wrong cast to string in PullToRefreshListView.ReleaseToRefreshContent – Michael Mairegger
    • Fixed header issues with PullToRefreshListView – Nikola Metulev
  • Animations
    • AnimationSet improvements – Nikola Metulev
    • Added a way to modify the Easing Function used in animations – hig-ag
  • Helpers
    • Added filename validation in Storage Helper – David Bottiau
    • CancellationToken support to ImageCache PreCacheAsync – Hermit Dave
    • Fixed WebViewExtensions bug & documentation – Thomas Pentenrieder
    • Simplified PrintHelper usage when container already contains controls – David Catuhe
    • Added GetFileFromCacheAsync to CacheBase – Hermit Dave
    • Added RemoveAsync to CacheBase – Hermit Dave
    • HttpHelper now exposes default constructor – Hermit Dave
    • IncrementalLoadingCollection now instantiates source using Activator.CreateInstance – Hermit Dave
  • General
  • Services
    • Added Incremental Loading support for BingService – Marco Minerva

Samples App

Breaking changes

  • DropShadowPanel is now a templated control – Hermit Dave
    • PR
    • DropShadowPanel was implemented as a user control which prevented users to change its template
  • Fixed mouse issues with PullToRefreshListView – Nikola Metulev
    • PR
    • Changed default behavior to be false for mouse

To download the latest release as a standalone package, head over to this page.

To install UWP Community Toolkit using Package Manager Console inside Visual Studio, run the following command

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp