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Windows 10 Build 14361 Brings Many New Fixes for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows


Microsoft yesterday released Windows 10 build 14361 for PC’ and Mobile’s for the fast ring insiders. You can see official change log and know issues by clicking following link.

Official Change Log
Known Issues

Along with this Microsoft has also improved Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. Company has made several bug fixes on this. Check out full list below.

Bug Fixes:
• DrvFs is now case sensitive when running in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.
• Users may case.txt and CASE.TXT on their /mnt/c drives
• Case sensitivity is only supported within Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. When outside of Bash NTFS will report the files correctly, but unexpected behavior may occur interacting with the files from Windows.
• The root of each volume (i.e. /mnt/c) is not case sensitive
• More information on handling these files in Windows can be found
• Greatly enhanced pty / tty support. Applications like TMUX now supported (GH #40)
• Fixed install issue where user accounts not always created
• Optimized command line arg structure allowing for extremely long argument list. (GH #153)
• Now able to delete and chmod read_only files from DrvFs
• Fixed some instances where the terminal hangs on disconnect (GH #43)
• chmod and chown now work on tty devices
• Allow connection to and :: as localhost (GH #388)
• Sendmsg/recvmsg now handle an IO vector length of >1 (partial GH #376)
• Users can now opt-out of auto-generated hosts file (GH #398)
• Automatically match Linux locale to the NT locale during install (GH #11)
• Added the /proc/sys/vm/swappiness file (GH #306)
• strace now exits correctly
• Allow pipes to be reopened through /proc/self/fd (GH #222)
• Hide directories under %LOCALAPPDATA%\lxss from DrvFs (GH #270)
• Better handling of bash.exe ~. Commands like “bash ~ -c ls” now supported (GH #467)
• Sockets now notify epoll read available during shutdown (GH #271)
• lxrun /uninstall does a better job of deleting the files and folders
• Corrected ps -f (GH #246)
• Improved support for x11 apps such as xEmacs (GH #481)
• Updated initial thread stack size to match default Ubuntu setting and reporting the size correctly to the get_rlimit syscall (GH #172, #258
• Improved reporting of pico process image names (e.g., for auditing)
• Implemented /proc/mountinfo for df command
• Fixed symlink error code for child name . and ..
• Additional improvements bugfixes and improvements

Syscall Support:

Below are a list of new or enhanced syscalls that have some implementation in WSL. The syscalls on this list are supported in at least one scenario, but may not have all parameters supported at this time.

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