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Learn how Windows 10 Creators Update will put you in more control of updates and privacy on your PC

Windows 10 Creators Update

With Windows 10 Creators Update there is a lot to look for. Whether it is 3D for everyone, game broadcasting, updates to the gaming on PC and Xbox One etc.

Microsoft yesterday in a blog post shared how the Windows 10 Creators Update will bring changes to update experience on your Windows 10 devices. For the best possible experience, Windows 10 is designed to provide the latest updates for your device, since the first release, including the latest features, apps, and security capabilities and didn’t allow you to set a time or schedule installs. Well, with the Windows 10 Creators Update, you can expect a more seamless and user controlled experience when talking about how updates are delivered and installed on your machine.

This new feature will have less impact on device performance while the downloads are in progress. Also, you should experience fewer reboots, reducing the chance of update installs at inappropriate times.

As you can pretty much guess from the screen shots above, as and when new updates are available you will receive a prompt with several new options for scheduling the timing of when updates install. For example, you can specify exactly when you want an update to occur (including the ability to reschedule an update if your original choice ends up being less convenient than expected), or hit the snooze button.

The “snooze” capability allows you to pause the update process completely for three days when you need uninterrupted time on your device. In addition, we are widening the “Active Hours” time so Windows doesn’t install an update at times when you want your device to be ready to use.

Windows Insiders have already been dealing with the new update experience for some time and it will be available broadly to the general public, soon!

Changing gears and there is the new privacy settings experience that will coexist with the rollout of the Creators Update. Below are the screenshots that show what the experience will look like, including the choices customers will have when they want to update their privacy settings.

In fact, you can expect Cortana assisted OOBE when installing Windows 10 on a machine starting with Creators Update.

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