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Windows 10 Market share have grown to 6.63 percent market share worldwide



Statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications reveal that Microsoft’s Windows 10 has improved its share in September 2015, growing from 5.21 percent the month before to 6.63 percent.

While this growth might not be impressive, it’s a sign that adoption of the operating system is going according to the plan and things are very likely to improve even further in the coming months, as more users are upgraded to Windows 10.

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 on July 29, but the new OS is gradually released to users across the world, as the company manages to address compatibility issues in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Windows 7 still the leader

According to data provided by Net Applications, Windows 7 continues to be the clear leader, followed by Windows XP and Windows 8.1. Similar ranking have been confirmed by StatCounter too, but in this case, Windows XP and Windows 8.1 switched places, with the latter gaining the second spot.

Net Applications says Windows 7 leads the pack with 56.53 percent, while Windows XP is second with 12.21 percent. Windows 8.1 is third with 10.72 percent, followed by Windows 10 with 6.63 percent. This means Windows 10 has already become the fourth most-used desktop OS in the world, only two months after launch.

The only non-Windows desktop platform in the top 5 is Mac OS X 10.10, which is currently running on 4.91 percent of the PCs in the world.

Windows 10 is clearly growing, but it might do it at a slower pace than initially expected. Microsoft wants to bring Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by 2017 and this slow growth might not be the best news for the company. Figures are expected to increase, however, in the coming months as Windows 10 becomes available to more users.

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