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Windows 10 on ARM: Lumia 950 receives a new driver update


Lumia 950 running Windows 10 desktop OS, a.k.a. Windows 10 on ARM just got better. The project will now work better with the Lumia 950 smartphone as it was updated with plenty of fixes and performance improvements. You can see the changes below.



  • Better performance, battery life.
  • Vibrations are working for notifications.
  • Smaller download size for WOA Deployer users.
  • New tool to configure the USB port role at a glance.

Driver pack structure changes

  • Downloads are now smaller for people using WOA Deployer. Some parts of the driver pack have been turned into sub-modules, allowing for easier change tracking, re-signing, and smaller overall download size for end users. WOA Deployer will effectively only download what is required for the end user device, no more, no less. (Download payload is about 80 MB compressed on average for each device)
  • Dual SIM/Single SIM differences have been removed in the driver pack. Instead, OEM Information is automatically attributed to each device, via a detection script. This script requires DPP to be mounted on the OS volume in order to properly detect the device.
  • A new desktop support folder has been added to the driver pack. Most of the contents of this folder come from the previous MMO specific configuration folder, which has been now streamlined. Desktop only files are now only found in the support-desktop folder as long as the changes are not vendor specific.
  • Customization, such as additional applications, services, or any library being vendor specific are now configurable and modular. The support-desktop package allows for configuration specific tasks to run at specialize, generalize, OOBE or first logon. This effectively allows for vendor only customization and a much easier process for adding support for another vendor. You can check out the specific-mmo configuration to learn more how it is done.

Desktop support changes

  • Fixed service initialization for AudioSyncSvc, PhoneSvcPermissionUpdaterSvc and DataManagementSvc.
  • Optimized AudioSyncSvc in order to use much less resources on the system and thus granting better battery life.
  • Fixed random application installations.

MMO vendor changes

  • Updated configuration values for the ambient light and proximity sensor.

Device additions

  • Added very preliminary support for the Acer Liquid Jade Primo phone. This support is extremely early, and is not usable. This support may be more considered as a placeholder than proper device support. No digitizer driver is included. The phone uses a Melfas digitizer and is subject to the same limitations as Talkman (Lumia 950).

 Desktop support additions

  • Added a tool that runs at user logon (run key) to trigger a vibration each time a toast notification is visible on the screen. The tool is configurable in the registry. For more information please see the dedicated wiki page.

Supplemental additions

  • Added USB Function Mode Switcher. This is a new tool to help users change their USB port role easily. You can find it under the supplemental folder.

Desktop support removals

  • Removed unique store identifier (NOKMSB).

 Work in progress changes that did not make it into this update or are not finished

  • Fixing Qualcomm DirectX driver user mode component registration.
  • Implementing a better API for vibration and a better application allowing to specify settings per application. This would also allow application to hopefully interface with it.

 Planned changes

  • Addition of the FM Radio Miniport service (unfinished currently).
  • Addition of WoA Dialer as inbox.
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