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Windows 11 File explorer’s 23H2 redesign with new animations & other changes can be enabled now


We reported about Microsoft working on major File explorer design revamp for Windows 11 version 23H2. The File explorer redesign showing inclusion of a new “Gallery” was leaked earlier too, but now it can be enabled using Vivetool. So, it seems Microsoft may be planning to bring it for user testing soon. The new bits about the File explorer also reveal new animations and “recommended content” in the home page.

The Microsoft enthusiast account behind most of Windows 11 File explorer redesign leaks has now posted about its availability in Dev Build 231419. It seems that the File explorer home page with gallery options can be enabled in the preview build. Though it is still early in development and may be rough around the edges.

There are new animations too in the redesigned Windows 11 File explorer. One can notice these new animations in the hands-on video below.

Similarly, recommended content can be shown in the Windows 11 File explorer home page now. Check the featured image above to see how it looks like. Finally, instructions to enable the new File explorer in Dev Build are here, though it is recommended to use a VM or less-used device for this. Because this early experience may be heavily buggy.

The redesign File explorer will be based on WinAppSDK and will include a XAML-based Gallery feature. The good news is that the Gallery comes with a timeline scrollbar and a configurable photo sources option. You can read our previous article that has a video demo of Windows 11 23H2 File explorer redesign.

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