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Windows 11 Task manager & Settings app may see major changes in 22H2 update


Microsoft is planning to bring major changes to the Windows 11 Task manager. A screenshot posted on Twitter reveals hidden changes coming to Task manager. Windows 11 will get a modern Task manager that will look elegant and much different from the existing one. The modern Task manager with Windows 11 design has been made available in the latest insider build.

The screenshot however reveals even more changes coming to this modern Task manager. App health, Batter health and Startup apps are three new options that will be seen in the Task manager. App health will let you know if any of the app is not working fine. Battery health lets you know about status of your Battery. With Startup apps one would be able to change apps that launch when PC boots up.

Windows 11 settings apps is getting even more “Hero controls”. The latest insider build has these controls hidden and these appear on the “Time & language” settings page.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 update aka version 22H2 may bring many new features with itself. It may also bring several UI changes and some missing Windows 10 features that users want back.

The Windows 11 update destined to come out this year will be the version 22H2. As per a new report this update will bring much-desired and currently missing Taskbar features back. It may also bring system-wide Dark mode and many other new features and UI changes.

The Windows 11 version 22H2 update is termed Sun Valley 2 update internally. It may follow the Windows 11 21H2 release date schedule. Read more about Windows 11 version 22H2 new features and release date by clicking here.

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