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Windows 8.2, Windows 9 & cloud based Windows OS info leaked


FHHeFamous Russian leakster group WZOR has revealed some details about upcoming Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 updates. They have also claimed that Microsoft is working on a cloud based “Windows” OS.

Windows 8.2:

Like Windows 8.1 update 1, it is the Windows 8.1 update 2 which may end up being called Windows 8.2 and may come in Autumn sometime this year. The start menu concept demoed by Microsoft at BUILD will come with this Autumn update and not with Windows 9 as rumored earlier.

Conceptually new solution button “Start” will be in autumn system update Windows 8.2. In fact Microsoft is a big dispute whether it is worth to make a fuss and issue separate Windows 8.2, or should just release Update 2 for Windows 8.1

Windows 9:

Windows 9 will also have start button, but the classical start button will come on only devices without multi-touch and sever operating systems. On touch devices start button will be implemented in new Metro UI design. On whether Windows 9 will be a free update, WZOR has no confirmation yet, but thinks there may be some truth in these rumors.

Windows Cloud:

According to WZOR, Microsoft is working on some sort of clod based free downloadable Windows version which may be pretty basic in nature, even below the Windows starter. It may have better functionality support in online mode, though.

Indeed, the progress of work and group discussion “Windows Shadow Cloud” on a prototype of a certain cloud system Windows Cloud, suggests that the client portion of the cloud system want to make a free download , and the ability to download will be implemented immediately in the BIOS PC , ie quite like Apple. ( at least as it looks now , the truth of this loading system now comes from the internal network of the corporation )

The truth is not clear how it will be functional in the offline (offline) and without subscription services , such as Microsoft Office Cloud cloud work on which are under cover of absolute secrecy . Now Office Cloud integration fully in the distribution of the client Windows Cloud. Most likely the functionality of such a system (offline) is at or  below the Windows Starter .

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