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How to connect or pair Surface Dial with any Windows 10 PC or tablet

Surface Dial

Surface Dial is a fresh new accessory that was launched alongside the Surface Studio back at the Microsoft Event in October last year. With simple presses and turns on the device, it optimizes your digital workflow bringing your most-used shortcuts and tools directly to your screen. Consider it as a brand-new kind of

How to download official ISO images for all Windows versions

Microsoft provides Media Creation Tool to download official ISO images for its various Windows versions using its site. We have earlier shared a tutorial that delves deeper into how to use official Microsoft site and tools to download an ISO image. But in this tutorial we share a much easier

Common Windows 10 activation, upgrade & installation errors (codes) & their possible resolutions

Microsoft has claimed that Windows 10 is now running on more than 14 million devices already. While for many the upgrade to windows 10 may been a smooth affair, many may have faced issues during upgrade, install or even while activating the Windows. This article aims to compile all the

Windows 10 activation details, How to activate & fix activation issues

Microsoft has now listed all Windows 10 activation scenarios on a single page. The auto-activation of Windows 10 when you upgrade from a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is called "Digital entitlement".  Good news is that other methods of activations are listed too in detail. Information about

How to fix Windows Update errors using official tool. Download link

fix windows update

If you have been experiencing errors with Windows Update on your Windows machine, and didn't find any useful info on the web, because it crashed/failed and came up with some weird error code, then Microsoft has an official tool for you to fix Windows Update, with some commonly seen error codes. This

Windows Defender Offline: How to run to clear stubborn malware infections

windows defender

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update (1607), Microsoft introduced a number of features, of which the most important area was the increased security. Windows defender as all of you know is an anti-malware software built by Microsoft and comes with Windows 10, that can automatically scan and eliminate virus or malware that has infected you