PowerToys Windows

Microsoft has announced PowerToys v0.24 for Windows.

Version 0.24 is an experimental release and introduces the earlier promised Video conference muting feature (requires Windows 10 1903 (build 18362) or later).

When this tool is activated, you can quickly mute the audio as well as the video during a conference call with a single keyboard shortcut.


  • Win+N to toggle both Audio and Video at the same time
  • Win+Shift+O to toggle video
  • Win+Shift+A to toggle microphone


To have the camera set, all you need to do is select the PowerToys camera.

Image of the Teams changing default camera


Image of the Teams changing default camera
  • Hot keys: Shortcut to trigger actions
  • Selected camera to stream: What camera does PowerToys use to stream from
  • Camera overlay image: an image to inject versus a black screen
  • Control overlay: Where on the screen do you want the overlay dialog
  • Show overlay on: What monitor(s) do you want the control

Fixed in 0.24

Software/Hardware compatibility:

Camera overlay image:

  • image dialog doesn’t work when running settings as admin

Status toolbar:

  • it shows always, even when the option to hide it is on
  • it always use the light theme
  • always open on startup even when disabled #6396


  • not all microphones are muted
  • offer option to select which microphone to mute

Settings UI:

  • settings info for hotkeys valid modifiers – #6246 (comment)
  • Fixed possible crash in PowerToys when the module is turned off

Code cleanup:

  • move VideoConferenceViewModel.cs from Settings.UI to Settings.UI.Lib
  • move toolbar out of the VideoConferenceSettings


  • add telemetry for settings