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Red Stripe deals for Windows & Windows Phone devices this week

Time for Red Stripe deals for this week and this time around we are covering both Windows and Windows Phone games and apps available on discounts of 50% or more. Windows Phone deals Rayman Jungle Run For  $.99 on Windows Phone. Draw a Stickman: EPIC For $.99 on Windows Phone. Spectral Souls For $5.99 on Windows Phone. Drumkit For

Ucall to release a 5-inch Windows Phone smartphone called “Redmond 5” in June.

French manufacturer Ucall will release its Windows Phone smartphone in late June, according to information posted by Monwindowsphone. The smartphone will be called Redmond 5 and will retail for €139. The specs are really good for a low-end smartphone. Main camera 8 megapixel camera (with flash) 3 megapixel front camera Quad-core 1.2 Ghz

CEO Nadella tweets. Office for iPad tops the Apple store’s charts post launch.

In his first big announcement post getting appointed as the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella launched office for iPad. While investors and market welcomed this decision by making Microsoft stocks soar, seems the iOS users also took a liking for the recently released office apps. The above screenshot was shared by

Nokia Refocus on Lumia 925 works better than HTC One M8′s dual-camera.

Pocketnow has compared Nokia Refocus app on Lumia 925, which uses software to create “refocus effect” with HTC One M8′s dual-camera, which creates similar effect, but with help of hardware. Now, common sense would have hardware coming on top if compared to software for similar effect. But, seems Nokia has really

Fake Google apps scam!! Microsoft may need to review the apps approval process.

It increasingly looks like Microsoft may really need to review and overhaul Windows Phone apps approval process. We have heard many cases where trademarks and official names like “Facebook” and “YouTube” are misused by developers for their 3rd party apps. But, seems one of the scamster has succeeded in doing

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8.1 Firmware to be called “Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink”.

There were some unconfirmed rumors picked up by some blogs about next Nokia Firmware to be called “Nokia Blue”, which didn’t make much sense and we didn’t cover it ( Blue after Black, give me a break..). Anyways, now lots of screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 have been posted from

Leaked images show Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia 630. Specs, Pricing & availability also rumored.

New bunch of Lumia 630 images have been leaked in China and these hands-on images show the device running Windows Phone 8.1, the upcoming huge OS overhaul from Microsoft. You can easily notice VPN, Image set as home-screen background, Dual-Sim support etc in above images, all coming with Windows Phone