Fake google appsIt increasingly looks like Microsoft may really need to review and overhaul Windows Phone apps approval process. We have heard many cases where trademarks and official names like “Facebook” and “YouTube” are misused by developers for their 3rd party apps. But, seems one of the scamster has succeeded in doing it en masse. Not only he has registered himself as “Google, Inc”, but also got five fake google apps approved and all five have made it to store, and one cam easily notice why these are fake. All are priced $1.99, while Google apps are always free.  Also, real Google is listed as Google Inc in the store, while the scam dev has registered himself as Google, Inc.

Anyways, it does raise questions over dev registration and apps approval process Microsoft has adopted. It can lead to big scams!! Some fraud developer can rip many users of their money by registering as a gaming company and introducing a fake big-name title.

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