Many leaks / rumors regarding Lumia devices which didn’t see light of the day are now re-emerging with live proofs in “land of leaks” China. We had posted many rumors about Lumia with Qwerty keypad under internal testing on NPU back in time.

For example check this one from 2015, when one such device appeared on Zauba. We had also posted about the support for Qwerty keyboards arriving with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 from official Microsoft documentation. So, there was enough evidence to claim that one Lumia with Qwert keyboard was certainly being considered by Nokia / Microsoft.

Now, images have emerged of Lumia prototype with Qwerty Keyboard that surprisingly has product code as RX-100. RX- was code for Lumia tablets, so may be these devices were considered to be more than just a phone and may be a productivity device.

Images reveals a proto Lumia that runs Windows Phone OS. It however doesn’t look like a model that could have gone to market given itsĀ  design. It may have been a kind of proof of concept to show-off to manufacturers. Check the gallery below and do let us know what you think about this phone.