Notwithstanding both Microsoft and Amazon have a competitive relationship, at times two companies just come together for mutual benefits. Alexa’s entry towards the Windows ecosystem and Cortana’s to the Amazon was a strategic move to counter rivals like Google.

Taking a step further, Amazon is now reportedly working on a standalone Alexa app that runs on ‘any device running Windows 10’. The emphasis on any device running Windows 10 is important because at present time we have a few laptops that come with Alexa pre-installed which means those devices only can access Alexa. Windows United reports that Alexa UWP app could come as early as the end of this year.

While Windows United reports that the news has been confirmed by Trekstore spokesperson who is in the past worked closely with Amazon and reportedly is making the UWP version of Alexa app, there is still no words from Amazon or Microsoft to buttress the authenticity of this news. So, as they say, we should always take this kind of reports with a grain of salt until we have anything concrete.