App updates NPU

Three of my favorite apps have received updates on my Lumia 925 today. 6tag, 6snap and Flickr Central have been updated to latest versions. While for 6tag and 6snap it looks like a minor update, Flickr Central has added many features.

Flickr Central Changelog:

-Delete photos

-Join/Leave Groups

-Pin group to start

-See comments, appears in, and favorites all from swipe view

-Account page now scrolls

-Light theme bug fixes

-Manual cache clear bug fixed

-Photos to upload now load asynchronously

-Photos to upload listed newest first

-Auto upload bug fixes

-Auto upload resiliency for high memory devices (1GB+)

-Groundwork for translating the app to more languages

-Simplified the code base for easier maintenance

-New improved error handling and reporting system

-No more prompts to email me on issues

-Many bug fixes all over

6tag Changelog:

update 3.1.2 : fix some problems with upload from camera roll

6snap Changelog:

– 2.2.1: fix crash on friends list

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