Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of ASP.NET core RC 2 for developers. This release contains many new improvements and features to ASP.NET. Along with this Microsoft has rebranded the name of ASP.NET 5 as ASP.NET. This renaming was made in order to clarify that this is a new framework built from the ground up and not a revision of the existing ASP.NET frameworks. The release contains the RC2 of the .NET Core runtime and libraries.
Microsoft has also announced the availability of .NET command line interface. This tool replaces the dnvm, dnx, and dnu utilities with a single tool that handles the responsibilities of these tools.
In addition to this, Microsoft also confirmed that they are giving first class support for their IIS web server. You can use the ASP.NET core to module in your web.config (it’s added in the new project templates) to configure IIS to launch and host your application.
You can read more here at this blog.