Azure Container Registry

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Container Registry. The Azure Container Registry enables developers to create and maintain Azure container registries to store and manage private Docker container images. These containers act as a fast and portable way to shift and streamline into cloud-native apps.

The service which has been in the preview since November last year received a lot of customer feedback and now has moved to general availability as a network-close, private registry for Linux and Windows container images.

Improving upon the November Preview, Microsoft has added the following features and capabilities:

  • Availability in 23 regions, with a global footprint (with more coming)
  • Repositories, tag, and manifest listing in the Azure Portal
  • Dual-key password providing key rotation
  • Nested level repositories
  • Azure CLI 2.0 support

Currently, the Azure Container Registry is available in the following regions with more to be added soon.

  • Australia East
  • Australia Southeast
  • Brazil South
  • Canada Central
  • Canada East
  • Central India
  • Central US
  • East US 2
  • East US
  • Japan East
  • Japan West
  • North Central US
  • North Europe
  • South Central US
  • South India
  • Southeast Asia
  • UK South
  • UK West
  • West Central US
  • West Europe
  • West US 2
  • West US

For more information on Azure Container Registry, head to this page