Azure Data Factory

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that it is improving the write performance across all Azure SQL Database plans, and additionally, doubling the read performance for the Premium databases.

The performance upgrades are free of change and are available world-wide.

Microsoft trusts that the expanded execution will take into account value enhancement of existing workloads and also to onboarding of significantly all the more requesting workloads to the stage.

Especially heavy OLTP workloads in Premium database with random read patterns will benefit from the increases read performance and may fit into a smaller performance tier than they are running in today. In general, if your Premium workload is below 50% DTU utilization now, you may be able to run in the next lower Premium performance level.

The increase in write performance will benefit bulk inserts, heavy batched data manipulation and index maintenance operations. You may notice up to double the logical insert throughput or 1/2 of the previous response times.

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