Microsoft is rumored to announce Surface Book 3 at its Spring hardware event with no confirmed date so far. While the same rumor has claimed Intel Ice Lake processor in the Surface Book 3, we reccently reported about a possible Surface Book 3 prototype appearing with Tiger Lake processor in benchmarks.

Now a new 3Dmark entry (via _rogame) reveals even beefier specs for Surface Book 3. As per the entry, Microsoft is also testing a Intel’s latest Tiger Lake processor clocked at 2.7 GHZ frequency.

The benchmark entry also reveals 16GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. One can notice the motherboard as “OEMTI OEMTI Product”, a naming convention Microsoft uses a lot for its Surface products under testing.

So, it seems that Surface Book 3 may be launched with the most recent generation of Intel processors “Tiger Lake” and that will be much better than using the last generation Ice Lake processors.