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Microsoft Bing launches new Who’s In iMessage App Extension for iOS


Bing has launched a new event planning app or extension for iMessage on iOS, Who’s In.

As the naming suggests, Who’s In app or extension let you plan events or get together with friends all from within the group conversations on iMessage. With Who’s In, you can find activities with Bing, decide a meeting space, and then ask your friends to vote for the best option.

This is a great handy tool for people looking to directly access Bing search results without leaving the iMessage app. It also lets you search for the best restaurants, movies, and attractions etc. When you find the appropriate one, just tap/click on the search result card to reveal more information.

For movies, you can locate and watch trailers, view available show times, and book tickets in advance. We also have you covered with custom events. Bing search results can help you plan a birthday party, a cookout, a football game or anything else. You decide!

But what if you are not using iPhone? Well, the app has been designed to work cross-platform.

For instance, if your friend is on Android within the iMessage group conversation, the iMessage will be sending MMS messages instead of iMessages to everyone and they will be able to vote for the best restaurant, movie or attraction through a clickable Bing.com link.

Find the app in the App Store below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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