Latest builds for Xbox Insider Beta ring and Ring 3 bring fixes. Changelog

New Xbox Insider builds is rolling out to the Beta Ring and Ring 3 Insiders. The latest build does not contain any features but brings mainly fixes. The OS Version for this Build is rs2_release_xbox_1706.170623-20140and it is available from 6:00PM PDT 6/25 (1:00AM GMT 26/6) . Changelog: • Game update failures • Game updates that have

Windows 10 Build 16226 Task Manager groups processes by apps, shows Browser Tabs’ names

We reported about the new GPU info feature that Windows 10 Build 16226 brings in terms of Task Manager improvements. Now, it seems there are more Task Manager improvements than what was reported in the official changelog. Task Manager in Build 16226 now groups processes by apps, which is a very