bundle generator

A new app has leaked on to the Windows Store — Bundle Generator.

Bundle Generator is a convertor app of some-kind that takes an .appx package and converts it into an .appxbundle which can then be sideloaded on a system.


Bundle Generator (PREVIEW) is a tool that takes a package (.appx) and converts it into a package bundle (.appxbundle). The package must contain the app and dependent executable binaries, along with resource files containing dynamically loaded content such as language strings or visual assets. The dynamically loaded content must leverage Microsoft Resource Technologies (MRT) for file layout to take advantage of this technique. When your app’s package is then installed on a system, the deployment pipeline ensures only the applicable resource packages are installed alongside it, preserving disk space. When a new language is added by the user, the necessary resource packages are automatically downloaded and applied.

The app is based on the command line interface and only supports package bundle generation. From the description, i can easily derive the fact, that it is basically for the Windows Phone 8.1 app developers, who can make use of the tool and convert their apps to an .appxbundle which indeed is the extension mostly used by apps on Windows 10 platform.

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Download the app from the Windows Store using the link, below.

Bundle Generator
Bundle Generator
Price: Free