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CES 2018: HP announces the HP Z 3D Camera and OMEN Game Stream


Hp has now officially unveiled an updated HP Z 3D Camera and OMEN Game Stream at the CES 2018. The updated 2018 HP Z 3D Camera and OMEN Game Stream comes with major improvements.

HP Z 3D Camera

The Sprout 3D Camera by HP reinvents creative workflows and sparks spontaneous collaboration. The down-facing camera simply attaches to your display to capture and digitize 3D objects, 2D documents, and live video.

Other features include:

  • Minimum footprint, maximum compatibility: With a unique design, it attaches to your display, minimizing desktop space for real-time capture and visualization.
  • 3D scanning as easy as recording video: Create life-like digital images by rotating any object in your hands or positioning under the camera – SLAM tracking and scanning technology constructs the 3D model in real time.
  • Made for PBR and VR workflows: Scan objects with computer-graphics-friendly resolutions that maintain separate texture maps for physical-based rendering (PBR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications.
  • Picture-perfect remote collaboration. Share captures or live videos of notes and sketches directly from your desktop.

OMEN Game Stream

OMEN Game Stream allows gamers to play top AAA games anytime and anywhere by leveraging the power and performance of their OMEN PC on any Windows 10 device with a high-speed internet connection.

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