Interactive tiles1A Reddit user has posted a bunch of new features and changes supposedly coming with Windows Phone 8.1.1, the GDR1 update for Windows Phone 8.1. We can now confirm that nearly everything about this claim is fake, even the suggested name of the update, Windows Phone 8.1.1.

Anyways, our sources mention that GDR1 will be mostly about fixing bugs and improving performance of Windows Phone 8.1. GDR2 may bring some new features and even broader hardware support, but not big changes UI wise.

Though, we can confirm that “interactive tiles”, which were leaked in some videos posted by Microsoft research  center (Pulled later) are seriously being considered as a part of new Metro UI design-language. Windows Phone 9 is the next Windows Phone iteration supposed to bring major changes UI wise and interactive tiles may be a part of those changes. You can watch leaked interactive tiles videos here  or by going to our YouTube channel.

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