DailyMail Online

The latest update for DailyMail Online UWP app for Windows 10 adds a few new features/improvements along with bug fixes.

The app looks colourful with coloured navigation, renders content beautifully and supports Windows 10 features like Live tiles, background agent, Continuum for phone and more.

Here is the official changelog for the latest version.

  • Improve channel load time
  • Set correct input scope for email field when logging in.
  • UI tweak.

App Features

  • Over 10 Channels of must-read articles and photos – that’s over 800+ original stories every day!
  • Offline Mode: Pre-load stories to access when you’re offline or without reception – great for commutes!
  • Location: Channel layout automatically changes for US, UK, Australia / Rest of World to ensure you get the news most relevant to you.
  • Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other user’s comments that you like or dislike.
  • Custom Settings: Select when data and images sync based on your preferred connection (Wi-Fi or Always).
  • Read Later: Save Articles for reading later – always available copy no matter where you are!

You can download/update the from Windows Store using the store link down below.

Daily Mail Online
Daily Mail Online