Microsoft Store a.k.a. Windows Store is offering Microsoft gift card worth $5 if you buy eBooks worth $4.99 or more.  Mind you that this offer is only for users who are buying eBooks for the first time from Microsoft Store. The Store has some really great list of books with a section ‘Bill Gates’ summer reading list’. For now, the offer is only available to the USA market.

Microsoft Edge got EPUB (eBook) support as a part of Windows 10 Creators Update which was released in the first quarter of 2017. That was it! Microsoft Store now has some amazing collection of eBooks like ‘The Outsider’, ‘The President is Missing’, etc.

It is a good thing that Microsoft is trying their level best to bring more and more people to enjoy eBooks on Windows devices. We often see how reluctant people become if they have to read a book online or on any electronic devices. Yes, we have Kindle and iPad but the vast majority still did not get the point.  Efforts like this will only make people to at least try them.

You can avail the offer by clicking in this link.