Coding and Documentation often go hand in hand, and at times acts as a saviour when you get stuck in the middle of your development process. It is not you don’t know how things work, but in today’s world they constantly evolve and come out better than before. We call it innovation.

In order to make its technical documentation more pleasing, interactive and modern, Microsoft is moving ALL of its Windows Documentation to Developers! is going to be your one stop shop for every bit of detail you are looking for.

As part of this release, it also includes the docs for the UWP APIs, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana. Microsoft will keep adding more docs in the future like for hardware developers, desktop developers, and more.

Here are the benefits for developers:

  • One place for Microsoft’s technical docs, offering you a complete and consistent content experience.
  • A modern, community-oriented approach that’s open to your contributions and feedback, and responsive design that works on your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Better content discoverability and navigation.
  • Ongoing improvements to the site, new features based on your input and updated content from community contributions. Check out the November 2016 platform update post by Jeff Sandquist to see the latest features on
  • Moving to docs will enable us to open source all Windows documentation and enable community contributions

Be sure to watch this short video that explains how to start contributing to the content.

There is also a new Code Samples page on Windows Dev Center where you can find the Windows samples on GitHub. It also let you filter searches by technology area, language and platform. Be sure to check it out!