There are many entries for a Nokia phone with RM-977 code on the Zauba.com, a logistics site covering Export-Import info for India. One of them reveals Dual-Sim flavor of the 4.5 inch screen device. This device has also been sent to India for evaluation on 21-Nov-2013.

So, this looks like the much-rumored Dual-sim Lumia for you, under testing with a 4.5 inch screen. If the quoted price of INR 7966 for the device is some indication it will be priced somewhere above Lumia 520 but below Lumia 620 and even Lumia 525 in the range., which is also under testing in India as the below entries reveal.

if you check other entries, the device has been under testing since May 2013, which is not a surprise as a Dual-Sim Lumia has been suggested as coming by Nokia top executives some time back.