We have seen many recent attempts to port Custom ROM, Android and even Windows RT on to Lumia or other Windows Phone devices. With Microsoft officially declaring “death of Windows Phone”, it is natural that enthusiasts are putting their devices to some interesting use cases.


Recent images posted by the dev show internet connection working after the port. Great going there..

Earlier attempts to port Windows RT 8.1 have met with limited success with touch not working. But now a Twitter use has been able to port Windows RT 8.1 on his Lumia 640 XL and has been able to also load touch drivers enabling the touch experience. Check the video he has posted of Windows RT 8.1 on Lumia 640 XL.

He has also posted images of the Windows RT 8.1 home screen, Windows Explorer, Task Manager and landscape mode.

Windows RT 8.1 on Lumia 640 XL does look shiny but it is yet not known whether basic phone functionalities will work or not. The developer has promised to write down notes to explain how he has been able to do this.

We will keep you updated about any new development in this regard.