398079-nokia-and-microsoftevleaks claims that Microsoft is in final stages of licensing Nokia brand to call its handsets ( we will assume they mean for Lumia / Asha devices, as Microsoft has already licensed Nokia name for feature phones) as “Nokia by Microsoft”. The other part of tweet claims that Surface brand will be discontinued and Lumia will continue even as the Tablet brand too.

This is pretty exciting: Microsoft is reportedly in the final stages of licensing the Nokia brand, for the purpose of calling the handsets “Nokia by Microsoft.” Furthermore, say goodbye to Surface, and hello to Lumia, as the tablet lineup faces brand streamlining.

Now, we have our own doubts about this report. As per our info any such kind of licensing will be for existing Nokia Lumia or Nokia Asha devices range or at most for some of the devices which are in immediate pipeline. Nokia is not going to extend its brand name licensing further with Microsoft for other than the feature phones. Question also arises that why Microsoft would like to call the handsets “Nokia by Microsoft” when they can use Nokia branding on existing Lumia for 18 months and on Nokia X devices till 2015.

Coming to discontinuation of Surface brand, many hard-core Microsoft fans will be really disappointed if that happens, as many still dream about a Surface phone in future.

Via: evleaks