Yesterday, Microsoft and soup company Campbell announced a partnership to drive the IT transformation with the help of Azure. A global hybrid cloud solution will be provided to the soup company which will, in turn, provide real-time access to information and insights. Azure will also provide additional flexibility to the Campbell employees which includes customized reporting and analytics.

“Campbell’s migration to Azure will increase our flexibility, agility, and resiliency,” said Francisco Fraga, CIO, Campbell Soup. “Azure will give us the ability to respond quickly to evolving business needs, introduce new solutions, and support our 24/7, always-on architecture. The Microsoft cloud is a proven, reliable and highly secure platform.”

“We are honored that Campbell chose to modernize its IT platforms and evolve its digital strategies with Azure,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft. “We are looking forward to working with Campbell as it transitions to the cloud, helping them optimize operations, extract insights from data and advance their business.”

No surprise that Azure is the one who earns most of the revenue for Microsoft. The reason is quite clear. In every month or two various companies are adopting the Azure platform to modernize their workflow which in turn gives Microsoft a boost in revenue in each quarter.