3rd party modern file explorer app for Windows 10, Files will be receiving an update soon in the Microsoft Store which will take its version to v2. The update will be a major one and the developer of the app has been kind enough to share major changes and new features that the update will bring with us.

Files v2 will bring multiple design improvements, smooth scrolling, reduced memory usage, improved reliability and faster file operations, a redesigned context menu and toolbar, a new icon, an extension with many different custom skins built by users and much more. You can check the changelog in some detail below, though there are even more changes which are not listed below.

Files v2 will come with a refreshed design and a brand new icon to fit right into Windows 11. In addition to the redesign, we are bringing many improvements to custom skins as well an optional extension that will come with many third party skins created by users of Files. We expect this extension to get better over time as more users contribute new skins. We also took the opportunity to redesign the toolbar and context menus in the app to be more intuitive.

Besides for design changes, the app is much more reliable and performs faster as well. Some of the bigger changes coming in terms of functionality include

  • support for changing security/permissions
  • smooth scrolling
  • support for grouping folders by name/date etc
  • column view layout
  • redesigned architecture for copying and pasting files
  • improved support for drag and drop
  • added support for solving conflicts when pasting files
  • improved the adaptive layout feature
  • improved support for accessibility
Files App
Files App
Developer: Yair A
Price: $8.99