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First look at Dark Mode for Windows 11 Paint app before official release


Microsoft recently released a redesigned Paint app for Windows 11 to insiders. At the time of unveil of the new Paint app, Microsoft has also teased the “Dark Mode” which is yet to arrive.

But thanks to Microsoft enthusiast Ahmed Walid, you can now have your first look at the Dark Mode for Windows 11 Paint app. The screenshots posted on Twitter reveal how it will feel to work with Dark mode enabled on Paint app.

Coming to what has changed in the Windows 11 Paint app from Windows 10, one will quickly notice the Windows 11 specific design elements like rounded corners, WinUI, Fluent Design, and new modern touches. Another change that quickly catches your attention is the “Dark mode” and it looks aesthetically soothing.

Microsoft Paint app header menu also known as “command bar” has undergone changes that may remind one of the Windows 11 File explorer changes. The new header menu has options like File, View, save and undo prominently placed on the top left. One can also notice that all the old header menu options like Clipboard, Image, Tools, Brushes, Shapes, Size and Colors now appearing in a consistent way across the Ribbon.

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