On Windows 10 Mobile if you have recently updated or especially if you have done a hard reset, you may face issues with apps not getting updated, simply stuck without any message or stuck in Store with message: “error – see details”. If you have a Phone that supports MicroSD card such errors are more common. So, here are some Windows 10 Mobile apps update issues, their causes and how to solve them.

  • When you do a hard reset and setup your phone afterwards, you will be provided with an option of choosing where to store the apps and if you choose SD Card as default storage, many internal Microsoft apps will not install correctly and will show up in error in the store app. Tapping on the error message shows the message shown in the screenshot below. But even tapping ok doesn’t work and you need to manually go to Storage and move these apps to Device storage from SD Card storage and then update these apps. It fixes the issue. Read our tutorial to learn how to move apps between Device and SD card storage.

Apps issues

  • Some of our readers have tipped us with an interesting way to fix the issue of stuck apps updates or double apps in the app list which was one of the known issues (check the screenshots above) of the Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322. Here is the description of the issue. There is an issue in which you may see duplicate apps under All apps showing as pending despite being installed and usable on your phone. You may also see some apps stuck in the Store. But it seems it is not very tough to fix this issue or there is a simple workaround. You can just start downloading any of the app and once it happens you can do “pause all” followed by “resume all” and all the apps stuck in Store as pending will clear themselves from the list. You may need to repeat this process more than once in some cases.

Date & Time Windows 10 Mobile

  • Many times Apps update issues may happen because of Phone Date and Time being not correctly updated. If you are facing an issue with Apps updates and you don’t see any other issue present, must check whether Date and Time is correct on your phone.
  • In case you are facing issues after launching the Store app and it won’t open, check two things: the internet connection and as mentioned in previous step “Phone Date and Time”. If it still won’t work go for a restart and many times it fixes the issue. If it doesn’t fix issues go for a soft reset (Volume up + power key hold till it restarts (Around 10 seconds)) and if even that doesn’t work, a hard reset may be required. You should take a backup of your content before proceeding, click here for our backup tutorial and you can try our reset tutorial in case your phone stopped responding.

If you know of more Apps update and Store issues and how to fix them, then do let us know in comments and we will add them to the article. You can read our Guide to fix most commonly known Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, installation and usability (user) issues.

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