Xbox App

A new update is available in the Windows Store for the Xbox app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Coming in as version 30.31, the latest bits add a touch of Microsoft Fluent Design and can be seen right away in the hamburger menu of the app.

Xbox App
Fluent Design in Xbox App on Windows 10 PC/Mobile

Although not as much to the taste as the Groove Music app etc., this is an indication of Microsoft is indeed looking to standardize all its bundled applications on Windows 10 with the new design language.

The update also adds some new features that are worth mentioning:

Changelog for version 30.31.1000

  • New for party chat: Control your party’s chat volume, and choose a specific audio device.
  • Get the bird’s-eye view: Brackets have been added for Killer Instinct tournaments.
  • We now take you live! Watch game broadcasts in clubs.
  • Co-stream with friends: Once you get an invite, just accept to go to and co-stream.

We also noticed significant speed improvements when loading profiles and in app navigation.

Head over to Windows Store below to grab the latest update.

Xbox Console Companion
Xbox Console Companion