game troopers

Game Troopers, the popular game developers on the Windows platform have announced a sale of 50% on some of their pricy game titles. Game Troopers are famous for certain titles like the first-person shooter Overkill 3, Abyss, The Last Door and many more. They recently launched a VR version of Overkill 3.

The black Friday deals are for games which run on Windows 10 only and include popular titles like Trucking 3D and Abyss etc

The  sale runs from the 24th – 28th November.

See the full list below:

Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator
$9.99 $4.99

$4.99 $2.49

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition
$2.99 $1.49

$4.99 $2.49

Lines The Game
$4.99 $2.49

Briquid Mini
$4.99 $2.49

Looking for Laika
$4.99 $2.49