source: PCWorld

Are you a Surface Pro 3 owner? If yes, then you will be happy to know that Microsoft has posted the download links for the current software, firmware, and drivers update for the device. The package also includes optional WinTab drivers.

The package consists of the Cumulative updates  and drivers for the Surface Pro 3 device. It also includes system firmware which was released by Windows update. So in case if you were not able to get those updates via Windows update, then it’s the best way to get those important updates now. As this updates are mostly targeted for security purpose and improvements in battery life of the device.

This drivers and updates are compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 version including Enterprize edition. As I stated earlier the package also contains optional WinTab drivers for the professionals needing WinTab compatibility with the certain Surface enabled applications.

In case are you wondering about how to install this, then that is too easy. The package consists of zip and MSI files. The zip files allow you to selectively install and or deploy individual drivers, whereas on double clicking the MSI package it will install all the important and relevant drivers automatically.

You can all download all this important updates by navigating your browser to the following link.

 Download the latest updates for Surface Pro 3