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Groove Music app is the default music app for PCs and Mobile devices running Windows 10 OS. With the most recent update for Insider Fast, Microsoft has introduced some visual design changes to the app, mostly known as the Project NEON.

While the Project NEON is somewhat a complicated topic for now, it looks like Microsoft has already started on working on to improve the UI/UX of its core apps like Groove Music, Maps etc. and gives us a glimpse of what to expect with Redstone 3 release when it hits the production sometime in September, this year.

As far as the design changes are concerned, the app sidebar or the hamburger menu has achieved translucency as well as the album art has a blurred background. In addition, the playback control toolbar is also semi-transparent, which adds a nice effect when you move the window around on the desktop.

The Music videos feature has also been added, which gives you the ability the watch music videos for songs that have them.

And more…

  • More like this: Instantly add 10 more things to any playlist.
  • Follow playlists: Hear the latest tracks as they’re added to featured playlists.

We will hopefully hear more of PROJECT NEON at Build 2017 developer conference, ten days from now.

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Download the latest update from Windows Store (v10.17041.13712.0)

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Image Credit: MSPU