A few days back I did a hands-on demo of the topmost features that are coming with Windows 10 Redstone 5(October update). While that wasn’t a complete walkthrough of what’s new, this time I take a deep dive into the Microsoft Edge explore what’s in store for us.

A few things to remember here in this video: I don’t talk about the small tweaks that one might find in the Microsoft Edge in Windows October Update, for that make sure to check out our complete walkthrough of Windows 10 October update.

Here in this video, I mainly talk about the Fluent design improvement in Microsoft Edge, a complete design overhaul of the settings option in Edge which is I think very helpful for those who want better control. Yes, it is not perfect but yeah that’s life! Anyways, overall, Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 October update is worth to talk about makes a ton of sense.