Microsoft has introduced a new tool on its official open-source GitHub repository — HoloJS. HoloJS is a framework which enables developers develop Universal Windows app using the much practised JavaScript and the WebGL techniques.

This will not only empower devs build UWP apps but also test them with the Microsoft HoloLens or the Microsoft HoloLens Emulator available on the VS IDE.

What is HoloJS?

HoloJS is a C++ library that hosts Chakra to run JavaScript code, and also hosts ANGLE to handle OpenGL ES graphics calls. OpenGL ES calls are translated from WebGL calls by the JavaScript app. When running on a Microsoft HoloLens, HoloJS supports holographic rendering.

In case you are not familiar, ChakraCore is the core part of Chakra, the high-performance JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge on your PC and other Windows applications written in HTML/CSS/JS.

If you are a developer and feel interested in trying out the new tool, you should be running Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 to build.

To obtain information about the tools used for Windows Holographic development, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and the Microsoft HoloLens Emulator, go to Install the tools.

For instructions on how to developer unlock your Microsoft HoloLens,  go to Enable your device for development.

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